Jewelry Making made easy!

Find all your Jewelry Making tools and Kits here. Find a wide range of jewelry making techniques, instructions, as well as demonstrations of the products we carry and step-by-step project tutorials. They are so easy to follow anyone can make jewelry. They make great gifts anytime of the year. Kids love to learn the art of jewelry making.
jewelry making                                 Learn to make Jewelry!
Beadaholique Inc
Instructional Videos
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Jewelry Making Techniques
Find jewelry making guides covering a variety of popular beading techniques. Topics range from basics such as how to use a crimp bead, to detailed overviews of kumihimo braiding, macrame knotting, bead weaving and more.

Free Beading Patterns
Learn essential bead weaving stitches with free beading patterns to make your jewelry, videos and diagrams. Learning tools for beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Designer Eyeglasses and frames!


eyeglasses frames

Shop today for eyeglasses and frames, I personality love buying glasses from Eyeconic, Great pricing, convenient shopping.  Very large designer selection available. Contacts also! I just Love this site. You will love the convenience of shopping from your home, buying glasses that you’ll love. The choices between designers and the color choices you could just spend hours in the store. Well you don’t have to, with this online retailer you can relax at home and take you time in deciding on the best pair of glasses for you.

  • VIRTUAL TRY-ON: Oh ya you can try your favorite pair on, who would have thought. Use your own photo!

Eyec-onic is the only online retailer that allows you to shop for eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contacts using your vision benefits. By connecting your benefits now, you’ll see the actual cost of eyewear and contacts with your benefits applied. Your insurance will be applied if you link the information, you wont even have to pay out of your pocket if you stay with in the plan coverage.

AGE IS JUST A NUMBER: But if you’re 50 or older, you’ll get 10% off every purchase! Just enter the promo code and your discount will automatically apply to eligible eyewear or contacts in your shopping bag.


To get started, select your insurance provider below. We currently accept VSP, MetLife, and Cigna Vision members.

Here are some of the designers you will find on Eyec-onic!



Eyec-onic try in now! 

Men, women and children glasses available Why spend a fortune when you can get a great price here.

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Thank you for stopping by.  You have found the home for new stuff entering the Internet.  We are constantly adding and updating our site with information, opinions and details about new things coming out online all the time.  Our goal is to lead the online community with the best source of new stuff available online. Keep reading, because right here in this very post is a GIFT – that could literally change your entire financial life.

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Sociable: Become your Own Social Media Agency

Grow Your Business Online

One out of every seven minutes spent online is on Facebook. That indicates the growing time spent on social media. That is why it is important for you to get on the social wagon. Research suggests 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites.

Social media will help you build up loyalty. Current customers will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.

Become your Own Social Media Agent!

 Our main goal is to provide a comprehensive social media program that drives major brand awareness and exposure for your company. Also integrates well with your other current marketing campaigns. Always evolving, we actively discover and deliver the most successful strategies. We enable clients to find their next customer acquisition channels. While refining and optimizing the campaigns that already drive results. We approach every client engagement with this approach, seeking to improve what’s already working. Than expand a brand’s success with new opportunities with a significant understanding of key audiences.



 CLICK HERE FOR AN OVERVIEW .  Hear “What it is, and why it could be a Business Direction for you”.  It may be the best Career you haven’t thought of – or have you?



CNSociable works in partnership with our clients. To develop custom social strategies to achieve the greatest return on investment. Whether you are just getting started or need better results. We can help your campaign. Our seasoned team can help. From creating branded profiles, to developing messaging with rich creative content. Building and enhancing your following, through analytics and conversion optimization. CNSociable will deliver the results you need for success.


Every business must advertise. Most businesses in today’s use High Speed World to get there presence known on all Social Media platforms.